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0.6.0 released

It has been a really long time since there was a public release of nbehave but now its here.

The release is on nuget and our Visual Studio plugin can be found in the Visual Studio gallery.

Source code and wiki is now on github.

New features since the previous release are:

  • Resharper test runner plugin (support for R# version 6.0, 6.1.1, 7.01 and 7.1)
  • Support for background, docstring, tags.
  • New hooks to handle before-/after- run/feature/scenario/step
  • Parameter to step can be a custom complex type.
  • EmbeddedRunner. If you for some reason don’t can or want to use our VS plugin or R# plguin to run features.
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Handles a lot of languages. ((I probably forgot about some new feature…)

Thanks to Palazakov and Stefan Camilleri for your contributions.

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0.5 Released

The Nbehave team is pleased to announce a new release of NBehave. You can grab it here

Whats new

  • Support for .net 3.5 and 4.0
  • tables & examples
  • comments, start the line with a # and what follows is a comment
  • languages, start the text file with #language: se see languages.yml for supported languages (only swedish and english so far)
  • testdriven.net support for running text files, thanks to Alan Gardner for patch.
  • support for parameters of type array, IEnumerable<T>, ICollection<T>, IList<T>, List<T>
  • run multiple text scenarios from console with /sf
  • /sf supports relative paths
  • generate empty step methods by passing /codegen (or /c) to nbehave-console.exe
  • You can tell NBehave-console.exe to wait for a debugger to attach before running any features, just add command line parameter /waitForDebugger
  • more code examples, just unzip NBehave.Examples.zip distributed with the release
  • plugin for Visual Studio 2010 to run and debug scenarios from Visual Studio
  • Ability to specify length quantifiers on tokens
  • fluent interface changed
  • Nbehave now uses the config file of you step assembly.

We also have 2 new committers, John Rayner and Naeem Khedarun who have contributed to several new features.

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0.4.5 released

A new version of NBehave is out. You can grab it here.

Whats in the release

  • •Spec framework

    • •Aligned extensionmethods between the different test frameworks.

    • •Added SpecificationAttribute to decorate methods with

    • •Using NUnit 2.5.2

    • •Using XUnit 1.5

    • •Using MbUnit

    • •Fixed bug with extension method ShouldContain when parameter is string. I didnt know strings implemented IEnumerable!

  • •Narrative framework (text and fluent interface)

    • •Fluent interface marked as obsolete

    • •Story and narrative support in scenario files

    • •Lists all pending actions

    • •Support for array parameters

    • •new attributes, BeforeScenario, AfterScenario, BeforeStep and AfterStep. Thanks to John Rayner for patch.

    • •xslt to convert xml output to html, use it with your build server. Thanks to Frederic Monjo for patch.

    • •Console output now has colours.

    • •new regular expression for parameter matching, faster and supports more variants (.+) . Its also way faster now :)

    • •GivenAttribute, WhenAttribute and ThenAttribute replaces ActionStepAttribute.

    • •GivenAttribute, WhenAttribute and ThenAttribute supports regular expressions for almost total control over parameter matching. Dont forget to end your regular expression with a $

    • •parameter names allow more characters when using [Given(“my name is $userName”)], parameter name must match regular expression [a-zA-Z]\w+

    • •Examples are fixed

    • •fixed a bug that hung the runner

    • •fixed bug where events wasnt fired wich caused incorrect output

    • •fixed bug causing exceptions when generating xml output

    • •fixed bug in text output file not reporting failure on steps

    • •Fixed bug where scenarios and stories wasnt counted correctly

    • •Fixed bug where only last error was reported back.

    • •Fixed bug where scenario event was raised for the wrong scenario

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0.4 released

NBehave 0.4 has been released, here’s whats new since the 0.3 release

  • • NSpec merge, context/specification style

  • • SpecBase & SpecBase base classes for consistent specs

    • • supporting NUnit, MbUnit, Xunit, MSTest

  • • lives in NBehave.Spec namespace.

  • • Assert extension methods for NUnit, MbUnit, Xunit, MSTest

    • • lives in NBehave.Spec namespace.

    • • ex 42.ShouldEqual(42);

  • • Testdriven.NET plugin for story framework

  • • MSBuild task

  • • NAnt task

  • • Xml output for msbuild, nant and console runner

  • Behaviour specification as plain text

  • • Example project

  • • Installer

Download NBehave 0.4

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